Transcranial Doppler
  • Product is user-friendly, intuitive and simple to operate.
  • Offers an optional imaging probe for complete and accurate colorcoded ultrasound scanning of the Carotid system.
  • Each 2 Mhz probe can isonate the brain in 64 different depths/ gates at the same time, displaying 8 different Doppler spectrum windows simultaneously.
  • Short examination time and increased probability to detect pathologies.
  • Includes an advanced 2-layer, user-configured reporting system: Summary Screen enabling the immediate comparison between the right and the left sides of the brain. Final Patient Report includes several segments and provides a detailed and customizable comprehensive “picture” for the referring physician.
  • A complete array of monitoring studies including a Vasomotor Reactivity Test (VMR) and CO2 Reactivity Test Studies can be saved and easily replayed on the Digi-LiteTM hard disk.
  • Dedicated and well established emboli detection software.
  • Can detect flow velocity at the contra- lateral side of the brain with its high Doppler sensitivity.
  • Fully portable and mobile machine enabling operation through the touch screen alone
  • Offers a complete range of probes including 2 Mhz, 4 Mhz, 8 Mhz and 16 Mhz probes, each with a separate connector.