XLTEK Neuromax EMG

XLTEK Neuromax EMG – focus on patient care, not your EMG device

Since its introduction in 1995 the NeuroMax has been setting the standards durability and reliability in an all-in-one system. It was designed with a light-weight, "ruggedized" chassis without any electromechanical moving parts to provide a durable EMG and Nerve Conduction device for the physician on the go.

  • Exceptional signal quality – The NeuroMax is a dedicated EMG device focused entirely on signal quality and clinical efficiency. Building on XLTEK's heritage of advanced engineering, the NeuroMax delivers ultra-clean, stable EMG baselines. And thanks to XLTEK's breakthrough SSAR (Smart Shock Artifact Rejection), it also ensures virtually instantaneous recovery from stimulus artefact.
  • The NeuroMax's easy-to-use, EMG-dedicated keyboard provides you with a virtually "one-touch" operation.
  • NeuroMax automatically saves data to a fully customizable report, which can be printed on a standard printer or transferred to a Windows PC for further analysis and review.
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