Xltek PSG – Sleep
Xltek PSG – a full featured diagnostic sleep system
Workflow needs in a sleep lab are unique. Our sleep diagnostic system delivers timesaving features, while maintaining reliability, flexibility and performance. Both the hardware and software design of the Xltek PSG system has been tailored to be efficient and meet your unique workflow needs.
  • Connex Amplifier System combines elegant design with rugged durability; its features include 32 AC channels, 6differential channels, 10 DC channels, and built-in Masimo pulse/oximetry.
  • Natus SleepWorks Software – The Natus SleepWorks application provides all the tools needed during collection and analysis of a sleep diagnostic study. From customized Bio-Cals, to input of PAP treatment and supplemental O2 levels and tech comments, collection tasks are just a click away. Customizable work spaces may be created and saved as needed for personal preferences and expedited workflow. Analyze & review a study that is being currently collected – including video.
  • Reports – Create professional looking reports using Microsoft® Word. Choose from a selection of existing templates or create your own customized reports. Diagnostic, titration, split-night, comparison and interpretation reports are all available.
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