Xltek EEG – Clinical
Xltek EEG - Clinical – combines ease of use with advanced performance
Our clinical video EEG system (now installed in over 60 departments in the UK and Ireland) incorporates high resolution digital video with a choice of 32 or 50 channel amplifiers. Xltek’s renowned networking software allows a whole departmental system to be configured exactly to your needs.
  • Powerful amplifiers – choice of standard 32 channel or 50 channel EEG/Sleep amplifier with built-in pulse oxymeter. Both amplifiers are small and lightweight enough to be worn by the patient.
  • High resolution digital video-high resolution video with software control of camera position. Our video cameras have built in infrared sources to capture clear video in dark patient rooms. Post-recording digital zoom capability allows you to focus and playback any areas of interest.
  • Advanced database- based around MS SQL, with search capability and export to MS Excel for departmental statistcs.
  • MS Word Based reports - with easy to customise templates.
  • Networked to your requirements- including reader stations, secretarial stations and storage servers.
  • Advanced analysis software options- eg EEG Trending, Sleep Analysis, Spike and Seizure detection.
  • Remote internet review of EEG and Video allows you to review or monitor data from other hospitals or home using Citrix (option).
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