Nicolet™ Sleep System System (EEG/LTM)
Computer-based automated sleep scoring systemMonitoring system

The Nicolet™ Sleep System is a flexible, high quality diagnostic unit with built-in sleep features that meet the AASM recommended guidelines. Our Central Monitor, remote review and remote control features provide increased productivity for physicians and staff. The unique AHI update panel, live trended data, full hypnogram and manual or auto scoring allows multiple patient monitoring to further enhance productivity.

Integration of the Nicolet Sleep System with the EEG module including photic enables day and night time use, thus decreasing duplication of equipment. Our ease of use, patient management system and one platform promotes cross-training and department efficiency.

Whether this system has cart-based mobility or is a fixed installation, whether performing routine procedures or complex recordings, the flexible technology is designed to meet all your recording needs. As your technological leader, you can rely on our service, connectivity expertise and support to assist you with your clinical, operational, financial and research goals.

  • Integrated Sleep and EEG system allows for day/night use
  • Integrated video processing in the amplifier
  • Video and EEG synchronization within 30 msec
  • Built in, real time seizure detection for nocturnal seizures
  • Spectral analysis, band power and more real time signal processing