An efficient and reliable portable EMG solution

For years, the VikingQuest, a reliable and efficient system, has proven to be the most widely used and trusted system in the field of electromyography. Simple to operate, it provides functionality and connectivity to existing systems and is a perfect extension to any clinical practice.


  • Portable or desktop configurations for NCS, EMG and EP exams
  • Quality data you can trust
  • Customizable reports to fit your needs
  • Proven work flow for fast exams
  • Easily communicates with information systems

As a market leader, the VikingQuest has a history of delivering efficiency and accuracy through:

  • Advanced amplifier technology
  • Proven software interface for NCS, EMG and EP testing
  • Customizable reports
  • Easy connectivity to information systems
  • Quality and expansive range of needles and disposable electrodes

Customized and integrated software to provide work flow efficiencies with quality results, VikingQuest uses innovative software enhancements to measurably improve patient care including:

  • Quick and easy access to NCS, EMG and EP modalities and exams
  • Roll Back, Roll Forward and Replicate features that minimize stimulation
  • Integration of F-Waves and Motor Nerve Conduction Studies
  • User-defined studies for easy test navigation
  • Convenient access to change test parameters
  • On-line result summaries for side-to-side comparisons
  • Quality Meter that displays rise times for optimal needle EMG exams
  • Graphical anatomy and nerve and muscle references
  • Customizable reports