The EQUANOX™ Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System measures rSO2 and provides accurate, reliable and consistent measures of tissue oxygen saturation for real-time management of patients at risk for compromised oxygen saturation to the brain and other tissues. The system is designed for use in cerebral and somatic positions and can be used for spot-checking or continuous monitoring of neonatal, pediatric and adult patients in operating room, surgical recovery, critical care, emergency room, long-term care and mobile environments.

Key product highlights include:

  • Four Wavelength Absolute Accuracy – Assures accurate measure of tissue saturation, not just relative or trending changes
  • Patented Dual-Light Emitters and Detectors Sensor Architecture – The first and only device that utilizes a dual-light emitting and detecting sensor architecture, which has been shown to more effectively target the cerebral cortex, eliminating surface artifacts that interfere with measurement accuracy1
  • Consistency and Reliability – Rapid, reliable response to change without signal instability and interruptions from ambient electrical and light interferences
  • Cerebral and Somatic Monitoring – Up to four channels displayed on one screen for monitoring oxygen saturation in the brain and somatic sites on the body
  • Spatially Resolved Sensors – Designed to calculate accurate, patient-specific values on target populations. Available in adult 4 wavelength (EQUANOX Advance 8004CA) and adult 3 wavelength (EQUANOX Classic Plus 8003CA)versions. Pediatric 4 wavelength sensors are available in adhesive (EQUANOX Advance 8004CB) and non-adhesive(EQUANOX Advance 8004CB-NA)versions for delicate skin.
  • Single Pediatric Sensor for All Patients under 40 kg – Automatically accounts for variability in pediatric brain-tissue-development, eliminating need to enter age or weight-specific data to obtain accurate readings
  • Portability and Connectivity – Lightweight, durable monitor with long battery life and pole-mounting capability for continually monitoring patients during intra-hospital transport. Data output available via Bluetooth® wireless technology or RS232 connection. Interfaces with Philips® IntelliVue® Monitors (via IntelliBridge) and other connectivity solutions.
  • eVision™ Data Management Software – For convenient review and processing of EQUANOX regional oximetry patient data.
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