Reduce Cerebral and Organ Injury Risks with EQUANOX™
With near-instant reading, the EQUANOX ensures
fast rSO2 measurement.
Critical Care Monitoring Just Got Better
A patient’s rSO2 values provide clinicians important physiological information that can help improve outcomes. Poor oxygenation has been shown to lead to stroke, coma, post-operative cognitive declines and respiratory failure.1-3

Monitoring a patient’s cerebral rSO2 values when under anesthesia is critical to ensure adequate perfusion and in helping to determine when intervention is required. The EQUANOX Regional Oximetry System uses advanced NIRS technology that provides data to clinicians that can be used to make changes in care such as:

  • Increase blood pressure
  • Stabilize carbon dioxide level
  • Increase blood flow in body tissues that need it most
  • Increase hematocrit
  • Increase oxygen intake
  • Increase anesthesia
  • Adjust clamp position
EQUANOX System Features
  • Ehanced Patient Monitoring – Multi-channel capabilities provide clinicians monitoring options that can be used for both cerebral and somatic applications.
  • Portability Facilitates Continuous Monitoring – Lightweight design makes continuous monitoring possible and adaptable to any environment. The system can be pole mounted in the operating room or attached to a patient’s bed during in-hospital transport to the ICU or other critical care units, facilitating continuous patient monitoring.
  • Integration with Other Systems – Compatible with several other patient monitoring systems, including Philips IntelliVue, the EQUANOX system supports multi-parameter display requirements that enable clinical care teams to monitor various values simultaneously, further enhancing workflow of critical care teams in and outside the operating room.
  • Seamless patient data management – Formatted to the Society of Thoracic Surgery guidelines, Nonin’s eVision Data Management software provides easy access to the reports you need to build patient records and to make informed decisions.
  • Wireless Convenience – Bluetooth® wireless connectivity allows the system to be accessed within a 100 meter radius.
EQUANOX Advance™ Sensor (Model 8004CA)
The EQUANOX Advance sensor provides industry-leading absolute accuracy and is spatially resolved to target areas of key clinical interest.4 Four-wavelength technology further ensures that rSO2 values reflect true patient physiology by reducing the sensitivity of the measurement to ancillary tissue effects.
EQUANOX Classic™ Plus Sensor (Model 8003CA)
The EQUANOX Classic Plus Sensor Model 8003CA offers trending accuracy—in cerebral or somatic positions—regardless of skin type, features or blemishes. Engineered with EQUANOX technology, the three wave-length sensor accurately detects clinically significant changes in cerebral saturation.
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